Unearthing (2022)

Unearthing, the first single from their upcoming album, is a song about gardening, therapy, and the things we inherit. Hannah was thinking about the parts of ourselves that are intentionally and unintentionally passed down: a complicated root system, with threads she felt she could gently unfurl, tug and trace.

This is an outstanding single and bodes so well for their forthcoming album’ ~ Folk Radio UK.

‘Wonderful’ ~ Cerys Matthews, BBC 6 Music

‘Brilliant track’ ~ BBC Radio Bristol.

Featured on Cerys Matthew’s BBC 6 Music show, as an ‘earworm’ on BBC Introducing, a Fresh Fave on BBC 6 Music Tom Robinson’s Fresh Faves, on BBC Wales’ Celtic Heartbeat, BBC Cambridgeshire, one of Ditty TV’s ‘12 Artists You Need To Know’, on Quiet Revolution, and as ‘Track of the Day’ on Emerging Folk and Indie Country.

Lost My Mind (2022)

‘Lost My Mind’, the third single from Fritillaries’ upcoming eponymous debut album, is a song about depression, love and hope. Hannah wrote the song in the first lockdown: a self-soothing call to connection at a time of traumatic isolation.

The track features a beautiful string arrangement, sitting somewhere between Benjamin Britten and a 1960s Decca crooning love song; intimate harmony singing; haunting bowed double bass lines; and some shimmering tremolo mandolin.

Featured on Americana UK, BBC Bristol, BBC Wales Celtic Heartbeat

In the Dark (2022)

In the Dark (live with stringband)

‘In The Dark’, the second single from Fritillaries’ upcoming eponymous debut album, is a song about journeying, connection, and sexual and emotional self-discovery. The duo were thinking about the landscape of the Jordanian desert, chance encounters which go on to change how we see ourselves, and moments of vivid, vibrant relief. 

The tune started off as an idea for an instrumental and ended up – via Hawktail’s ‘Annbjørg’ and Bob Dylan’s ‘Isis’ – somewhere between a 70s folk rock B-side and a catchy new acoustic jam. It was recorded entirely live in the studio on the second or third take. After the first attempt, producer Ru Lemer gave one note: “more dark power”.

Working Late (2021)

“I was thinking about the UK’s treatment of asylum seekers and the systems which perpetuate mistreatment. I had been training and working as a social worker from 2016-2019 and came across many people in desperate situations, including asylum seekers with the constant threat of deportation or detention and the very real prospect of being separated from their families, lives and loved ones. I found the necessary impartiality of being a social worker difficult: I was an agent of the state supporting people oppressed by the very state I was representing. I left this career feeling pretty broken, like the system in which I had played a part. As an agent of a broken system, I had felt I was letting people down who desperately needed support. Leaving that role after years of training I felt I was letting those people down again, as well as colleagues and friends who were trying enormously hard under impossible circumstances. The people I felt I’d let down are who the song is about, most importantly the people who deserve the support they seldom receive.”

From their Folk Radio Premiere, read more below: