“A delight … theirs is an emotional and intense music that needs concentration and the audience obliges, hanging onto and appreciating every word, as shown by the prolonged applause between songs.” RnR magazine


The first two singles from Fritillaries’ debut album

“In April last year, my mum sent me a poem she’d written. It was set on a Monday in the back garden. As she unearthed a sixpence in the soil, images of her childhood, her father’s childhood, and the Saxon burial site she’d visited near to his childhood home also came to the surface.

There was something else about the poem that caught me, a word with lots of ‘i’s and ‘l’s, beginning with ‘f’. I turned it over in my head for a while, thinking there was something special and lyrical about it. I found a melody, with words coming quickly and the poem’s refrain – ‘now I sow Fritillaries’ – working perfectly as a chorus. Later, when we’d decided we needed a new band name, my mind again turned to that refrain.”

“This is an outstanding single and bodes so well for their forthcoming album” Folk Radio UK

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Photo: Maria Meco

Debut Album out 15th July

about places and people missed and found in isolation, and things found growing when we dig down into spaces the light doesn’t reach

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Photography credits: Nicki Sharp, Giulia Franchi, Sebastian Peters, Alan Beastall, Zak Watson, Maria Meco